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Preventative, Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Top-notch dental care is an on-going process. We make sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

Nothing is worse for your teeth than neglect, so it’s important that you’re happy to keep coming back.

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Preventative Dental Care

In dental care, prevention is better than cure. It is relatively easy to keep on top of your oral health if you go for regular check-ups. Identifying potential problems and dealing with them before they become a problem will save you time and money in the long run and will ensure your smile stays happy and healthy.

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Restorative Treatments

If you have a problem, a niggly tooth or even a toothache, sometimes you need corrective work done straight away. We deal with corrective and restorative dental work calmly and professionally. Even nervous patients find themselves relaxed and calm under our care. We’ll sort your dentistry out calmly and professionally.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile can give you self-confidence and assurance at any stage in life. We can give you a brighter, more confident smile no matter what your starting point. We provide whitening treatments, straightening, crowns, veneers, realignment and many other treatments that will help put a spring in your step every day.

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Orthodontics and Braces

Orthodontics helps straighten teeth that are out of alignment, improving your bite, your overall dental health and your bright, beaming smile. You can get orthodontic treatment at any age but it is often done during the teenage years when fast metabolism and growth can make the treatment period shorter.

Calm, Professional and Reassuring Atmosphere

We understand that some people don’t like visiting the dentist. We go the extra mile to make sure you feel at ease. We know that if you don’t go to the dentist often enough, your teeth will suffer. Even nervous patients agree that we make the whole experience more relaxing and more enjoyable.

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